The Walking Dead


Walkers Welcome! 

Several locations in Sharpsburg and Coweta County  have been prominantly featured in the hit TV series on AMC - The Walking Dead. Our small town can be seen through out Season 2 of the show. Explore our Walking Dead photo gallery here. Learn more about the filming locations in Sharpsburg and the surrounding area below.

The Carriage Bar

In episodes eight and nine of the second season, Rick and Glenn travel to a bar, in town near Hershel's barn, to retrieve Hershel who had gone missing. After retrieving Hershel, the group is set upon by some strangers causing a shootout with the strangers as well as fending off walkers to save their lives.

The building which served as the bar in these scenes is actually the Old Sharpsburg Auction building in Sharpsburg, GA - as seen above.

Steve's Pharmacy

In episode 6 and 7 of the second season, Glenn and Maggie venture to a pharmacy near the farm in search of medical supplies. Before the Walking Dead filmed in Sharpsburg, "Steve's Pharmacy" was an unused store-front.  The pharmacy and Main Street became the scene for a grizzly shootout in "Triggerfinger," the 9th episode of season 2.

The Greene Family Farm

Throught out Season 2, the Greene Family Farm set the scene for much of the post-apocalyptic action. The actual farm is private property between Sharpsburg and Senoia.